• Colace to soften
  • Miralax taken daily
  • Daily fiber gummies.
  • lots of water 

No poop can also be a symptom of bowel obstruction. If you have pain in your belly, please go to the ER or call your doctor.


I do the above routine daily. Before I got into a routine, I was pooping rabbit pellets.

I also eat an apple a day with the skin on. I usually dip each slice into a Greek yogurt. Yummy.

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Source: 5 yrs after gastric bypass

Change Requires Monitoring and Mile Posts

Once you elect to modify your lifestyle through weight loss surgery or other weight loss options, it is critical to know where you began and where you are along your journey.  This process will become a necessity while you are on your journey and once you arrive at your targeted goal to monitor any fluctuations and provide you notice for needed adjustments.  If you are under 330 lbs., I recommend the Omron Healthcare HBF-516B Body Composition Monitor, Black.

Body Composition Monitor And Scale With Seven Fitness Indicators Model hbf516b Scale Features for Body Composition Monitor And Scale With Seven Fitness Indicators Model hbf516b

Omron Healthcare HBF-516B Body Composition Monitor BlackIf  you weigh up to 440.9 lbs, you can use the Taylor 70844091M Talking Digital Scale (see below)

Taylor Digital Talking Scale_bc46993a_440lbs

At the time of review this product was priced at $34.71.  The TAYLOR 70844091M is a very fine product. Taylor 7084-4191m. Taylor 70844091M talking digital scale 440lb capacity; announces weight reading in english, spanish, greek, german or croatian; 8mm-thick glass platform with stainless steel accents; 2. Taylor 70844091M talking digital scale. Users felt they were well protected by warranty. Many users said, it was a good investment. 87″ x 1. Great quality. 9″ digit size ; includes 3 aaa batteries. Excellent value. 18″ display with. It’s worth considering. People who bought this product described it as: “No complaints at all.” Reviewed in April 2016 by Liam.